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Are You Attending Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon This Weekend? Looking For Guest Writers!

Are You Attending Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon This Weekend? Looking For Guest Writers!

Dear Geeky Travelers -

Do you like to write? Do you like to share your experiences with the world? Are you willing to write a guest post or several and have it seen by at least a few people? If so, I am looking for any fans interested in sharing their experiences at Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon with this tiny little pop culture blog. If you have pictures you would like to share too, that would be…

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Sylent Mari’s Weekly Music Mix [08.28.14]

Sylent Mari’s Weekly Music Mix [08.28.14]

Oh look! Wait a second! Could this be a…a…a brand-new post that’s not related to anything in particular? Why yes it is! While I really should be wrapping up my Buffy the Vampire Slayer retrospective and continuing on with my X-Filesretrospective, as well as completing the 3,000+ ideas I have waiting to be written and blogged about, I’m testing out a brand-new weekly segment to this blog. I hope…

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Crazy Science (Cophine’s relationship as a chick flick film)

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All Good Things Come To An End - LOST GIRL Edition

All Good Things Come To An End – LOST GIRL Edition

Well, what a way to start a Monday. I just posted about my Lost Girl adventures from Fan Expo Canada last year, and then this news comes out. Oh – it was not the way I wanted to start my Monday. Maybe if I go back to sleep, it’ll never have happened…but it has.

Without prolonging the way any longer, here’s an update about the show:

Showcase, the home of Lost Girl, posted a video message this…

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Headline: Mulder & Scully Escape Super Soldiers and Aliens to Celebrate Birthdays, “X-Files” Style

Headline: Mulder & Scully Escape Super Soldiers and Aliens to Celebrate Birthdays, “X-Files” Style

12Dana Scully and Fox Mulder like to “get down” on their days off.

I just missed posting this on Gillian Anderson’s birthday. Boo! I got distracted. I blame it on Spotify. But please enjoy this belated birthday post dedicated to two of my favorite actors, and pop culture icons with their memorable characters from that show about government conspiracies and Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) –


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I am releasing this Saturday post to the masses first ’cause I have a bit more to finish up on my Lost Girl post. I know there are a few who would love to read about my adventures in Fae-dom. While you wait, please enjoy all 50,000* pictures that I took that day. While the first half of the day was spent with me fangirling over everything Lost Girl, I did walk around both convention buildings and check out lots of exhibits. There was so much that happened that day, and I missed out on some panels because I spent a lot of time hanging out at Showcase’s booth and hanging out with fellow Lost Girl fans, as well as the show’s then-showrunner – Emily Andras. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a chance-of-a-lifetime in hanging out with the showrunner of a show that I love and shooting the shit with her and several other fans for a good 30+ minutes. I just wish the day had been at least several hours longer so that I could’ve seen everything the day had to offer.

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